Some much-photographed pups

So things went a little bit bonkers this month.

Do you remember the Juno Jumper?


Our little Juno gets a bit chilly in the winter. The little Princess pops one paw out of the front door and onto the pavement, shakes her head in a decisive “na-uh!” and backs into the house once more.

So, I decided to make her a jumper. She’s honoured: my husband’s been asking for years! 😉

The pattern is here, if you fancy giving it a go.


In a game of woolly Chinese whispers, ITV asked, who asked me to make some little Christmas jumpers for their Text Santa show to be presented to Simon Cowell for his three little Yorkies. And the Yorkie Christmas jumper was born:


But you don’t want to see it like that, do you? You want to see it on those little dogs!

Well, here’s a teaser first: Diddly, Squiddly and Freddy’s finished and personalised jumpers:


And here they are in person. Well, on canine, in any event 😉
I was thrilled to see them fitting so well.


You can read about the process over here, if you fancy it.

And you can find the Yorkie Christmas Jumper pattern here.

It is, indeed, beginning to feel just a tad like Christmas ❤

(And I promise many fewer links next time around!)



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