Stripes and Swirls


I’m a sucker for a sale.

Well, actually, let’s rephrase that. I’m a sucker for a YARN sale.

And I’ve been bombarded with emails telling me how much cheaper it all is since Christmas, so when this stuff – Sublime Luxurious Aran Tweed, 40% wool, 40% cotton, 20% llama –  was about half price, it was obviously irresistible.

Even though… erm… I didn’t exactly have a plan.

But I’ve been completely bonkers about stripes lately. So, obviously, there had to be stripes.


And nothing is complete these days without a bit of a motif… When I told my beloved husband my plan to mix ’em up he looked, let’s say, a little skeptical. But he did have the good grace to follow the look with “But what do I know?”


One of the most positive side-effects of this journey through my woollen world is this: for many years, an expression of doubt or uncertainty would have put me off continuing along my trajectory but at this grand old age and with the experiences I have under my belt (which I hesitate to label ‘good’ or ‘bad’ since they all led me here, after all) I don’t care. I have the courage of my conviction, and I’m going to do it anyway. Sometimes, of course, it doesn’t work.

This time, I’m relieved to report, I believe it did.

So, the Stripes and Swirls Sweater was born and I love it:


If you fancy a crack at it, you can find the pattern here.

And beloved husband?

“I think it’s your best yet.”


Happy knitting!



Getting all your cats in a row


I’ve used Millamia naturally soft merino quite a bit of late, so it seemed the natural choice when I wanted to design a jumper for my youngest, little Teddy. He’s quite a sweaty little beast so I didn’t want anything too chunky, after all.

I have begun to love developing charts for intarsia and fairisle. I consider myself a relative novice, but a very enthusiastic one, and I was especially pleased with the rows of stripy cats.

With raglan sleeves and a rolling edge neck, the ‘Kitty Cat’ pattern is now available over on AND if you’re quick, the Kitten Mitten pattern is free for the rest of this month.


Some much-photographed pups

So things went a little bit bonkers this month.

Do you remember the Juno Jumper?


Our little Juno gets a bit chilly in the winter. The little Princess pops one paw out of the front door and onto the pavement, shakes her head in a decisive “na-uh!” and backs into the house once more.

So, I decided to make her a jumper. She’s honoured: my husband’s been asking for years! 😉

The pattern is here, if you fancy giving it a go.


In a game of woolly Chinese whispers, ITV asked, who asked me to make some little Christmas jumpers for their Text Santa show to be presented to Simon Cowell for his three little Yorkies. And the Yorkie Christmas jumper was born:


But you don’t want to see it like that, do you? You want to see it on those little dogs!

Well, here’s a teaser first: Diddly, Squiddly and Freddy’s finished and personalised jumpers:


And here they are in person. Well, on canine, in any event 😉
I was thrilled to see them fitting so well.


You can read about the process over here, if you fancy it.

And you can find the Yorkie Christmas Jumper pattern here.

It is, indeed, beginning to feel just a tad like Christmas ❤

(And I promise many fewer links next time around!)


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