Yarn Bowls!

Who knew?!

I have a new Instagram account and through my travels encountered Wendy Fowler, aka yarnbowl987

I was instantly drawn to her beautiful yarn bowls, though having treated myself recently to a dressmaker’s dummy, I was a good girl and simply put it on my wish list.

But she stymied me 😉

I logged in to my account, and there was the prettiest bowl, a ‘slight second’ because it had become slightly misaligned in the kiln, which didn’t affect it’s functionality at all, but its price considerably.

I failed to resist.

But look!



Can you blame me?


6 thoughts on “Yarn Bowls!

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  1. I have yet to try a yarn bowl – just now isn’t the time I guess with things getting knocked over, but I do understand about temptations!

  2. I feel as if I’m seeing these yarn bowls everywhere lately. I haven’t had the pleasure of using one yet. How do you like it? I was thinking about purchasing one and adding it to the give away for my KAL.

    1. Hi Megan-Anne. 😊 I have to say, I LOVE it! No more ball of wool bouncing around on my lap, off onto the sofa, down onto the floor… It’s wonderfully useful. And I’m a sucker for beautiful handmade pottery anyway 😉

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