Dog jumpers – the story

Would you believe, I have FOUR to choose from now?

I find it hard to resist, not because I think animals look cute in clothing (though, obviously, I do) but because on a far more practical level, it gets pretty  blooming cold up here in the North of England when winter rolls around.

Juno, our little Jack Russell Princess:


Well, she gets a bit chilly out there. She’s teeny, wiry, fierce as a T-Rex… but chilly. Her natural state is curled up in a beam of sunlight. Sometimes, I am led to suspect she believes herself a cat. She pokes her nose outside the door and, if it’s too cold, wet, snowy, a flat refusal usually follows: a swift 180, nose in the air, and a trot back to the sofa.

So, in an attempt to coax her dainty paws into the fresh air, I designed her a little sweater, little knowing how popular it would prove to be. I’ve had so much lovely feedback telling me how much people have loved making it. The Juno Jumper was born (click here for link to pattern):

Juno Jumper.jpg

Hot on the heels of her little sweater, I was thrilled to be asked to design some Christmas sweaters for Simon Cowell’s Yorkies for ITV’s Text Santa (click here for a link to the pattern):


But… you know? I started to feel a bit guilty. Juno is not, after all, an only dog. She has a much bigger and (to her) unbearably, overwhelmingly cheerful enforced companion, Aphrodite:


OK, OK, she’s MUCH bigger now, but loooook. Man. Her tag looks like an enormous medallion!

It was time Aphy got a jumper too.  She provided a goodly challenge though. She has the most ridiculously long and gangly legs. There is no way on God’s green earth we’re hooking those babies through leg holes. So…. some woolly engineering was called for. Buttons, and flaps, and ribbing. Oooh, it was fun! And look – here it is! (click here for link to pattern):


Oh, but THEN…. I thought wouldn’t it be gorgeous to have a mini one of these, perhaps reversing the colours, for Juno…? How unutterably adorable would that be, on our wintry walks? So….


(click here for link to pattern).

You will not believe what’s coming next… I’m giggling as I type.

Off to clack some needles!


4 thoughts on “Dog jumpers – the story

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  1. I have just found you today following a link from I truly cannot express the wonder I feel at looking at your patterns. You make me want to try fair isle knitting which I really believed to be something I would learn in my 70’s. Along with sock and sweater knitting. To date my proficiency has included baby blankets, scarves, and mug rugs. I confess to getting the ‘crazys’ and my current one has been Scheepjes Whirl yarn. I have moved, slightly, away from that craze to you. Thank you so very much for your creativity!

    1. What an absolutely lovely comment! I’m so glad to have had such a positive effect, and I truly hope you leap at Fair Isle with your arms wide open. You won’t regret it 😊

  2. I had a nice, long comment and it erased it before it posted. Ugh.
    Long story short, thank you for this pattern! It is by far my favorite! It fits my lil chihuahua perfectly (with a few minor adjustments, like smaller needles or thinner yarn). But the pattern is very well-written, so easy to follow, and I LOVE that it is knit all in one piece! I’ve made several of these! I added a couple rows to the neck, and a few rows to the back, but otherwise it is perfect!
    I’d love to see this pattern with a few cables! (*hint hint*) 😊

    Thanks again! I plan to try some of your other patterns as well!


    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thank you so much for this lovely comment!
      I’m actually working on a little ebook of dog jumper patterns, so I’ll have a play with some cables 😉
      Thanks again for reaching out!

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