Sprouting again – baby sleepsack and hat

Do you remember the Sprout?


Matching baby cocoon / snugglesack and little hat. In the picture above, it’s knitted in James C Brett Woodlander self-patterning yarn, which you can find here.


Do you also remember the Luscious Long Socks?


These were knitted in Cascade 220 and, more importantly, Lang Yarns Tosca Light – that gorgeous self-striping stuff… (find it here).

The socks only used 40g of the 100g ball, so I thought I’d make another Sprout with the rest. And look!


I completely love it.

What do you think?



A little comfort…

Meet Puss.

Inside his tum, he has a handmade wheat sack.


To spray on his tum, there is a handmixed Magical Pillow Spray


The pattern is available here, if you fancy having a crack at making him.

For now, though…. just breathe… ❤