“Sprout” – a baby cocoon and matching hat

There is a truly lovely lady I know.

She has been a gentle source of solid support for me and my family for the past almost half-decade. Her compassion and empathy are, amongst us at the very least, legendary.

And in a matter of a few short weeks, she’ll be bringing her first little being into the world. She will make one of the loveliest mummies I think anyone could possibly imagine. What a lucky little sprout ❤

With him in mind, and born out of a sense of immense gratitude to her, I give you “Sprout”. A snuggly baby cocoon and matching hat.


Knitted on 3.5mm and 5mm circular needles, using James C Brett Woodlander DK yarn, you can find the pattern here if you fancy a go at knitting one for a teeny person in your life.


And happy knitting! 🙂




The Owl and the Pussycat

I tried.

I really did.

And it really did start off as a hat for ‘Imself:


And, I am very happy to report, he tells me it is “the hat he always wanted”. So, TICK that one off the list!

But it has, of course, evolved into something a little more delicate, something a bit more feminine, something a bit less…. big and we now have The Owl and the Pussycat mark II


Or, if you’d like to see it on:


And yes, it is actually now, as we speak, beginning its fourth incarnation with the pattern in relief:


(I’ll post a pic of the completed relief hat when it’s finished 🙂 )

I used 4mm needles for the rib, 5mm for the body of the hat and two varieties of aran-weight wool: solid colour and graduating.

If you fancy a go yourself, you can find the pattern here. After all, it’s still chilly enough to warrant something woolly on your bonce, n’est-ce pas?

Happy knitting!


The Molly Socks 

Just as autumn began, and my knitting ramped up with the onset of chilly evenings, I had a request.

Lover of all things Nordic, and liver in white and grey, my very stylish sister asked if I would make her some slipper socks, and The Molly Socks were born.

Here they are on her lovely London legs.

If your feet need a little classy warming as winter asserts its grip, and you fancy whipping yourself up a pair, you can find the pattern here. 

Oh, and not to be left out, my lovely bro-in-law now has a pair of equally monochrome Beauteous Gents’ Socks (click for pattern)


Think it’s time I had a pair myself. Now… where are those needles…

*tootles off humming happily*
(Photo credit for last 2 pics: @paintandhaven instagram)

A little pouch


So I made a little bag.

I had a vague plan as I embarked on it, but it has turned out more beautiful than I had hoped. *whoop*! 🙂

It is, essentially, a pouch bag in a chunky yarn with a loop handle and top in lemon cashmere merino silk (by Sublime), and a drawstring fastening in contrasting vintage rose silk merino (also Sublime).

I stuffed a ball of wool in it for some pictures:

pouch-bag1 pouch-bag2 pouch-bag3

And I am off to make another, writing up the pattern and taking pictures for a tutorial as I go.

So… more anon!

In the meantime, though, I have finally written up the pattern for these gorgeous snuggly-but-oh-so-stylish slippers:


And you can find it here. Happy crocheting! ❤

The nights are drawing in… ;)

I know, I know, not quite.

But it’s definitely a bit nippier than it has been.

And that Cuddle Cat thing? Well it’s just got dinkier, and snugglier.

It started with some divine DK in natural, undyed, pure Jacob wool from The Knitting Gift Shop, who are specialising in such wools and in kits and accessories, too. Well worth a look if, like me, your weakness is undyed, natural, knee-wobbling pure wool.

And suddenly, what I have is a pocket-sized pussy cat with a stuffed head, button eyes, wool-embellished features, and a button at the bottom. In the middle? I’ve sewn a little calico pouch and filled it with washed and graded wheat, and aromatic lavender heads. To be microwaved and popped in the Pusscat’s tum.

Perfect for your pockets in autumn, or your boots before you put them on in winter, or your pillow for a gentle drift to sleep.

Anyway, here he is. Take a look 🙂

Pocket-Puss Pocket-Puss2 Pocket-Puss3 Pocket-Puss4 Pocket-Puss5And if you’d prefer me to make him for you, come and ask me over here.


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