Socks 5 and 6 of the 52 socks of 2021

I’m quite excited about these, for a number of reasons.

Let me list them for you:

  • They are super cosy and snuggly.
  • They are bright and cheerful.
  • They are, technically, worsted weight and therefore not quite as bulky as my other boot socks
  • They knit up really speedily.

They’re knitted in Novita 7 Veljesta Raita (self-striping) and Lappi (solid colour) on 4mm needles and one ball of self-striping, knitted as I did, does EXACTLY one pair. You’ll only use around 35g (around 70m) of the ball of solid colour.

Let me show you how much of a yarn chicken winner I was with these ones:

I’ve written up the pattern and it is available for a nominal fee of £1 for a while over here.

The Novita Raita self-striping yarn you can find here, and the Lappi solid colour is here.

Do share your pictures with me if you have a crack at them!

Happy knitting ❤


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