Debbie Bliss Toast Sock Yarn (1)


I’m starting with a photograph of two of my favourite people last weekend, because… because it’s my blog and I can.  Quite apart from the rather idyllic location, and the cuddle between two seriously gorgeous humans, they’re both wearing hats made with massive love by my own fair hand. And that, as I’m sure you already know, is a totally heart-fuzzy feeling.

Anyway, those two beauts are not the actual reason for this post.

This is:


This completely gorgeous squishiness, which arrived in the post last week. It’s made with cashmere, dontchaknow, for the poshest socks you can fashion.

Of course, anything else I had on the go was instantly discarded (well, put in the ever-groaning WIP pile, much to the chagrin of my best beloved, whose beautiful moss-green jumper is lying in a pile next to my bed just… waiting).

In bed…


And it was difficult not to get a bit carried away. OK, I’ll admit. I didn’t resist it at all.


Contrast heel turned:


And I’m happy to say the first is finished, and displayed beautifully here on my turtally sheepy sock-blockers, for glorious full effect. ❤


The second is well underway – no blooming Second Sock Syndrome happening here this time! I am too excited to be able to wear them oop ‘ere in the cold North-East, where the temperatures are plummeting as I speak. On which note… I may also be knitting a slightly varied version of my Beauteous Boot Socks this weekend as I may or may not have shrunk a few in the wash recently…


I’m looking forward to the arrival of an aran superwash sock yarn which I’m reliably informed is in the pipeline as we speak… Watch this space, as they say.



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