Fabulous Fair-Isle – Four Fancies


We’ve had a whole heap of snow up here in the North-East of England. More than we usually do (but still: not as much as some bumper years, and certainly not as much as proper SNOWY countries!) So our winter woollies have been especially necessary this year.

With that in mind, I bought a whole load of gorgeous Rooster Almerino yarn (over here, in the loveknitting sale) – 50% baby alpaca and 50% merino wool, it’s so snuggly-soft and the colours are just lovely. I went for some… oh, I don’t know. What would you call them? I quite like ‘muted candy’ colours. 4 of them. 2 balls of each. And I have four hats out of that haul, with a fifth in production.

It all began with this, and the love for the colourwork I’ve missed so much the past few months came flooding back:


Pretty soon, I had a second underway (trusty scribbling book at my side, making notes as I went. Planning isn’t my strong suit – I’m far more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, aka let’s-see-if-this-works…):


By this stage, I had decided that a main colour of each of the four was the way to go, and a third began:


Each different, each unique, each soft and snuggly and pastelly-bright.

Until there were four:


I went about charting them, knowing I’d got about as much use out of those beautiful colours as I could (and those of you who know me know I’m usually a bit of a greys and browns kinda gal, so this was stretching my comfort zone a bit).

Here’s an example of one of the strips of fair isle:


I have to say, it’s been some time – what with one thing and another… oh, you know… LIFE – since I felt quite so inspired and had quite so much fun with a project as these four. They seemed to positively fly, needles clacking and smoking, out of my head and then onto heads.

It fills me with joy when I see people I love sporting something I’ve made for them.


Here’s Ted, reading in his hat.

Each of the four is slightly different; not just in fairisle motifs, but also in size and pattern. The yellow one above, for example, is the smallest, snuggest, ‘beaniest’.

And this one:



is the tallest, and slouchiest.

The blue and the pink are somewhere in between.

All of them are available as patterns to buy as one download of four, if you fancy having a crack at them yourself. And if you do, please, please tag me? I so love to see other people’s interpretations of my designs. The patterns can be found here

Also, have a pop at them with a different worsted / aran. As long as you use 4mm and 5mm needles, you’ll be on track for the same look. And if winter hangs on the way it’s threatening to, you still have time!
Happy knitting 😊

Alice x


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