Because winter, that’s why.



So, it started with these. Well, with this one to be precise. And I loved it.

grey1But… do you see that seam curving up the side? Well, I loved that too. Until I realised that it would be exactly the same on its partner. Hmmmm. Which would make it look like two left (or right) feet.


grey2grey-constructionSo I tweaked it. But that didn’t quite work. Don’t get me wrong. I believe they’re beautiful. But I see their flaws all too immediately.

I decided to attempt a little embroidery on them, in an effort to draw the eye from the seam. But now I just see beautiful, embroidered, flawed slippers.

So *shucks* I guess these ones are mine:



grey5 grey4 But armed with this experiment, I tweaked some more. And… Ta-dah!

cream1 cream2 cream3Of course, now the whole family needs some. So here are Teddy’s in a bit of a clog style:

Ted1 Ted2 Ted3I’m now experimenting with soles, so nobody breaks their neck on our wooden staircase.

Will report back soon.




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