Jumper Season – WHOOP!

I know, I know, knitting isn’t just for autumn and winter, but I really do struggle to knit big bulky things all year round. I love to wear big bulky things though, and this Autumn has got me really excited because it was only in Spring that I taught myself to knit jumpers. And by then it was kind of too warm to wear them.

I bought myself some wool πŸ™‚

2Andes1It’s the same lovely stuff as my last jumpers, but breaking out of the earthy colour mold – just as a little refresher, you understand πŸ™‚

However, I also had some left over from this little chap:

Owl3which I figured would make a rather nice jumper for my littlest. I’ve come to the end of the ball and have had to order a bit more (I know – shucks – buying wool… what a nightmare! πŸ˜‰ ) I’ve chosen a top-down, seamless yoke method which, given the small size, started out on DPNs and progressed to circular needles when there were enough stitches.

So, here it is in progress (excuse the dodgy phone pics):

Ted1Starting out on double pointed needles.

Ted2Bringing in some stripes and separating the arms stitches out and onto waste yarn.

Ted3Another little flash of pattern.

Ted4Trying not to stamp my feet that I didn’t have quite enough wool πŸ˜‰

I’ll be back, though ❀


4 thoughts on “Jumper Season – WHOOP!

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    1. Hah! Great minds, Pia! πŸ™‚ (Though I have to say, yours is far classier – are those some of your hand-dyed stock?)
      The Drops Andes is beautifully soft and I don’t find it at all itchy. In fact, I’m quite happy to wear it next to the skin. Actually, the Eskimo I feel the same way about, though it’s so fibrous (more like roving) that I don’t enjoy knitting with it quite so much. x

  1. Hi Alice, Your Poncho/Capelet knitting instructions do not show the finished size. You are very slim. I am …let’s say ‘need a little more yarn’. I am in NJ, USA.
    Thank you..

    1. Hi Asha. I’m so sorry for the delay replying. The finished size is around a UK 12. You could play around with the increases for a bigger size πŸ™‚

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