Upcycling the Godets

It started with a tunic, crocheted in chunky brown wool, which was never quite right.

I frogged it. Reused the yarn in other projects. Was relieved it hadn’t been wasted.

But I was left with these:


My mother-in-law tells me they’re called godets: triangular-shaped pieces used for ‘letting out’ or shaping garments. I made two for a long denim skirt to enable me to take longer steps, for example. These two, which didn’t look right in a tunic that no longer existed… What to do?

And then it hit me.

I had reached this stage last evening, modelled by Ted (3):


And by bedtime, it looked like this:


Here, it is modelled by Bert (7):



I crocheted two sides together in an unobtrusive colour to provide the less visible bottom seam, then used the beige chunky wool to crochet the other side, around the brim, and to make a huge pompom.

I’m glad not to have frogged the godets.

In other news, this scarf is almost finished, and when it is, I’ll share its construction:


And we had a beautifully creative Easter Sunday afternoon – our first egg-dyeing eggsperiment 😉




Toodle-pip for now ❤️


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