Beanie hats

I bought a pattern on Craftsy. We were going to see our lovely neighbours on Christmas Eve and I wanted to have something to give to little Pippa. Besides, Pip has that gorgeous, curly, wide-eyed, Shirley Hughes look to her, just like the baby in the pattern photo, so that settled it! 😉

It’s called the Backtrack Beanie.

I made it in chunky brown yarn, rather than the double-stranded approach prescribed by the pattern. It took an hour. So speedy. So I made one for me, too! And Pip’s mummy wanted one in her size, and her little cousin wanted one in pink. Pip and her mummy look fabulous in their matching hats…

Hat production!

I highly recommend this pattern, though I admit I made up my own brim… And flower embellishments… Weeellll… Who doesn’t modify? 😉

Photographic evidence:







8 thoughts on “Beanie hats

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    1. Honestly! They’re so chunky, and you get into a rhythm… Add a little for the flower, perhaps! But they’re super-speedy. You could make one during a film, easily, maybe two in Lord of the Rings 😉
      And thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you! That is, of course, my beanie. And it’s the first ‘woolly hat’ I’ve ever liked on me… Result! 🙂

  1. Oh, I love it!! Adding a brimmed hat to my ever-growing queue of projects to do someday, and I now I must learn to crochet to do the flower, too! 🙂 And checking out the rest of your blog now!

    1. I have a theory that people who can knit can crochet and vice versa, it’s just that we generally have a preference and tend to stick to one method. But both have very distinct qualities. Personally, I’m a bit of a fan of the fusion 😉 (My crochet is learned from YouTube, mostly – awesome resource)

  2. I bought a beautiful wooden crochet hook the other day to inspire me further to learn 🙂 YouTube is an amazing resource – I learned magic loop there, and I’m sure many other techniques I can’t remember (but can always look up again!)

    1. I’m so with you – it’s my first port of call these days, both for learning something new, and for getting out of trouble! 😉

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