Enormous Distractions

I haven’t got any photos for you.

Not of knitting, anyway. Or crochet.

I have a multi-coloured blanket underway. And I’m customising a jumper I bought in a charity shop – hand-knitted and brand new for £6 –  a fraction of what the wool would cost.I’ve also completed a shawl/scarf/wrap, which I think is *beautiful*. And I promise pictures of them all.

But the biggest news of the summer is that our business went up the spout. Our friend and business partner jumped ship with threats and demands and it was horrible. (It’s nothing personal, you know, just business O.o )

So we started over. And if you are closely, or even vaguely, acquainted with anyone of the bearded persuasion, I urge you to take a look at our beautiful, handmade, organic, delicious oils. You can get to us one of two ways: www.beard-oil.co.uk or www.firstolympian.com

Eros Beard Oil
Eros Beard Oil

And normal, woollen service will resume as soon as the dust has settled (not to mention the small-fry settling into the new term, new schools, new nursery…) 🙂


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