Sewing – a break from the yarn

A bit of a stray off the yarn route today:

It started with a request. Well, the request was actually made last night, but became a job for today. Allow me to explain.

My youngest son (2 1/2) has a ‘nuggie’. It started life as a cot-sized fleecy blanket, without which he would not sleep (so we bought two more, just in case in case!) It was so soft and snuggly that we called it his ‘snuggler’, which of course he could not say. So it has become a ‘nuggie’. Last night, as he was getting ready for bed, and watching his baby brother’s routine, the middle of my boys (nearly 9) was lamenting his lack of nuggie. I had a flash of inspiration. A while ago, in our local supermarket, they had a promotion and were selling fleece blankets for a song. I mean, almost literally a song. Something inconceivably crazy like £2 each. Being a sucker for 1) a bargain and 2) snuggliness, I couldn’t resist and bought a few, intending to give them to my boys at Christmas, with an initial stitched onto each.

I forgot.

So, when I say I had a flash of ‘inspiration’, I guess what I really mean is I had a jogged memory 😉

I told him about them and asked if he’d like one. He was instantly enthusiastic. Which, in his case, means leaping-up-and-down-can-I-have-it-now enthusiastic. And the sound of his enthusiasm was enough to draw his oldest brother (13) away from his computer programming to see what all the fuss was about. So it wasn’t long before “Can I have one too?” was uttered. Now, since they’re all the same colour, I’m just going to have to personalise them. And since I don’t have much time today, it’s going to have to be a little ‘initial’ job…

That was my job for today. And it’s the kind of job I love because it means having to make something. Aw shucks. I’ve just got to make these, because they’ll make the boys happy. They’ve asked me to. A chance to indulge myself with playing, and make them happy at the same time. Win, win 🙂

I’m from the ‘raw edge’ school of applique; not just because of time constraints, but also because I like the almost instantly aged, loved and lived-in look of it. So that made today’s task even easier. I know I’ve mentioned, on my about page, my mother-in-law‘s incredibly generous gift of two large sacks of yarn, but I haven’t yet mentioned that the last time she visited, she brought a fair bit of fabric with her, too. So the patches you see are made with some of that beautiful material. Once finished, I deposited each on its corresponding bed and got on with the rest of my day.

Initials cut out, ready for patches
Initials cut out, ready for patches
Initials sewn to patches
Patches sewn to nuggies.
Patches sewn to nuggies.

Which was rather taken up with Beard Oil – we’ve had a bit of a run on since we introduced the sample bottles. Busy busy, mustn’t grumble! (or Mustard Crumble as we have, probably rather irritatingly, started to say) 😉

And then I returned from posting the orders to find my sons home from school, new blankets tied around their necks, superheroes all.


A hit, then.

I’m still plugging away with little Alice’s jacket on which, hopefully, I’ll have some progress to show soon.

For now, though – the holidays are here! No more school for 2 weeks. I love the holidays 🙂


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